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Behavioural Optometry

Behavioural optometry concerns itself with more than just the clarity of eyesight. Vision is in the brain, not in the eyes. Assessment of how the brain uses the eyes together (eye teamwork), how the eyes follow a target (track), how the eyes change focus (accommodate) and how they point together are necessary skills for an efficiently working visual system.

Assessment of visual, visual motor and visual perceptual skills – the entire visual system allows us to understand the way each individual is using their visual system. When your eyes move and align, fix and focus in tandem, ability to both see and to comprehend is strengthened. Eyes that work effectively and efficiently together free up more cognitive energy for learning.

We are born with a pair of eyes but we have to learn how to use the eyes efficiently. Vision develops throughout life and can be enhanced at any age. Vision becomes the dominant sense, over 80 percent of the brain is involved in the visual process.

An effective visual system not only enables you to see what is around you, but also enables you to figure out how to react in relation to that information. If vision does not lead it interferes.

At Fitzroy North Eye Centre, our Behavioural Optometrists will explore how efficiently you have developed the necessary visual skills, and whether they are resilient enough to cope with the visual demands modern life places on us, whether that be the intense near work required by looking at a computer screen all day, gathering all the hundreds of visual clues we register on our drive home, learning to read in a classroom or playing sport at any level.

Behavioural optometry is suitable for any age or stage of life to enhance the visual process. It is effective for children with reading and learning difficulties or developmental delay, adults or children with turned or lazy eyes, anyone with acquired brain injuries or concussion, or any individual who would like to enhance their sporting performance.

Contact us at Fitzroy North Eye Centre to make an appointment, and see how our behavioural optometry approach can work for you!

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