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Environmental Strategies
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Environmental Strategies

Some aspects of our industry rely on fossil fuels for energy production so that you get your spectacles in an acceptable time frame.

We were very proud to install solar panels during the summer of 2016. When we’re not using the energy our panels produce from the sun, we’re feeding it back into the grid to reduce the demand on fossil fuel energy.

Our war on waste

Inspired by the popular ABC show ‘War on Waste’, we’ve committed to auditing our current practices with regards to what we put in landfill and being smarter with recycling. We want to drastically reduce the amount we send to landfill to keep our planet green. Change begins with modifying behaviour. Join us in our pursuit of reusing, recycling and reducing the amount of waste we are creating.

Free Refills!

As part of our commitment to reducing plastic waste, we are pleased to offer free refills of lens spray. So next time your bottle runs dry, pop on in for a complimentary refill, and save another bottle from going to waste.

Plastic Bag Free

Here at Fitzroy North Eye Centre we are proud to be plastic bag free! Instead we offer environmentally friendly calico bags printed with our logo. No dolphins will choke to death on these! They are the perfect size to use as a shopping bag, and we are pleased to be able to offer them to our valued patients.

Contact Lens Recycling Program

Unfortunately the contact lens recycle program has been discontinued. We will advise as soon as there is another program available to recycle the packaging.

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Why Choose Us
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