Make sure your children's vision is the best it can be

childrens vision

Flying Fox Children's Vision strives for excellence in understanding and managing vision in children. Children need to be as visually available for the school classroom as possible. Our goal is to assist every child to achieve the clearest vision possible and optimal visual performance. We work closely with families, schools, doctors and other professionals to provide the highest level of care at all times for the benefit of the child.

Vision problems in children: how common are they?

Vision is your child's most precious sense. A child will not necessarily complain of a vision problem as they assume that what they see and interpret is "normal". Australian population studies have suggested that as many as 25% of children will experience vision problems at some point during their education and that more than a half of children with vision problems are not diagnosed because they have not been taken for an eye examination. An undiagnosed vision problem can cause reduced school performance. We recommend that children have their eyes examined every two years throughout their education and more often if the child experiences specific visual symptoms or there is a family history of vision problems. Examinations are rebateable from Medicare.

Children's Vision Eyecare services that we offer include:

  • Vision reports for schools, doctors and other professionals.
  • Structured eye exercise programs for binocular vision disorders (vision therapy)
    — Children experiencing eyestrain or focussing problems.
  • Visual perceptual assessment
    — Children experiencing developmental or learning difficulties.
  • Structured vision therapy programs for visual perceptual delay.
  • Visual dyslexia determination testing.
  • Readalyser assesment
    — Infra-red eye movement device to show how the eyes scan with reading.