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Neuro vision

Neuro Vision
Neuro vision

Our brains are nothing short of amazing – they control every aspect of our lives, whether that be regulating our breathing and blood pressure to the intensive job of running all of our physiological systems. They work 24/7, enabling us make sense of all the information we need to process every day. Our grey matter instructs our fingernails to grow, allows us to dream, and ensures we know that flowers smell fragrant. Pretty nifty for an organ the size of a small cauliflower!

Brains are also, alas, fragile and can easily be impaired due to a range of accidents or diseases, such as traumatic brain injuries, cerebral vascular accidents, multiple sclerosis and neurodegenerative diseases. If any of these neurological impairments occurs, one of the long lasting effects can be an impact on your visual-perception systems.  

Our vision is part of a sensory feedback loop given to our brains that enables us to make sense of the world we perceive around us. By processing the data our eyes provide to our brain, we know how to move through our environments, how to balance properly and how to concentrate on what is happening around us. An injury to the brain can impair this important system, resulting in:

  • concentration difficulties
  • double vision
  • binocular dysfunction, where the eyes don’t work together as a team
  • sensory motor and spatial disorganisation where there are balance issues, difficulties standing or turning around
  • dizziness
  • glare sensitivity
  • with reading print might appear to move on the page, blur or distort

If the delicate visual pathways connecting the eyes to the brain are damaged (and it doesn’t need to be a big accident like a car crash – this sort of trauma can easily also happen in playground falls or being hit on the head by a flying soccer ball), this can have a major and long lasting impact on a person’s life and wellbeing. Unfortunately, despite the fact that almost one-third of patients suffer from visual deficits following brain injury, neuro-visual rehabilitation to compensate for visual deficits is often neglected in the clinical setting.

At FNEC we use thorough binocular vision and visual processing assessments to find the best solution for your impacted visual systems recovery. Our optometrists can choose from a range of therapies such as:

  • Vision Therapy
  • Syntonics
  • Spectacle solutions that may incorporate the use of therapeutic prism
  • Customised lens tints

A brain injury doesn’t have to mean the end of your life as you knew it. Brains and their associated systems are remarkably plastic, and have the ability to relearn and therefore recover skills once thought lost. Our aim is to restore your visual health to its optimal state – if you have any concerns please book an appointment with our experienced optometrists today!

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