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Colorimeter Assessments

Colorimeter Assessments
Intuitive Colorimetry

Intuitive Colorimetry is a diagnostic test used to determine the optimum tint to help alleviate or reduce symptoms of of perceptual distortions associated with Visual Stress syndrome that is reported by some patients who have dyslexia, migraine or photosensitive epilepsy. This technology was developed by Professor Arnold Wilkins at the Applied Psychology Unit, Medical Research Council, Cambridge and is supported by peer reviewed research studies and controlled trials.

The aim of carrying out Intuitive Colorimetry is to determine the optimum tint, brightness and saturation to help alleviate or reduce symptoms of visual stress The instrument independently changes these three parameters. There are over 100,000 colour combination’s available and these are added to a lens prescription, made by Cerium (Precision tinted lenses). Contact lenses are also available and work extremely well.

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