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At Fitzroy North Eye Centre, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect lens for your visual needs. Our optometrists and dispensers love spending time with our patients to ensure we get the right lens to match your functional and cosmetic needs. So whether you require glasses to work on a computer in the office all day, need them for driving, will be wearing them in the classroom or will be using them as you climb a mountain, we can determine upon the ideal lens for you.

Lenses come in a wide array of types, each designed to suit a particular set of visual needs. Examples are single vision lenses, therapeutic prism lenses, extended readers /computer lenses, and multifocal lenses. Our optometrist will ask lots of questions about how you use your vision and then determine how this can be enhanced or corrected with lenses, prisms and tints. Babies, children, teens, young adults, middle aged or elderly – we will find the right lens for you!

Once a lens type has been chosen, we can then choose the refractive index of the lens to suit your optical and cosmetic requirements. Lenses can be made thinner, flatter and lighter, depending upon the strength required. A higher refractive index material allows a lens to be lighter in weight, and will also provide more optical clarity across the entire visual field. We can also assist our patients in choosing between a spherical lens and an aspheric lens, to ensure the best curve profile and less distortion in their field of vision.

The next important feature of a lens to consider is the antireflective coating – these are designed to reduce reflections and allow superior optical clarity for the wearer, and are especially effective for computer use and night time driving.

A lot of antireflective coatings also contain UV protection –we need to look after our eyes, especially with the high UV count in Australia! Sun protection is very important, so our staff can help you decide if you would like a dark tint or polarization on your glasses to protect your eyes from glare and UV damage.

Transition lenses provide the wearer with the best of both worlds – you can have clear glasses inside, and once you step out of doors and UV hits the lenses, the Transition lenses quickly darken to provide protection from the bright light conditions and also protect the wearer from harmful UV. Check out the video below for more info, and be sure to ask our staff if they think Transition lenses would be a great match for you!

And if that isn’t enough, we can also help you find the perfect pair of prescription swimming goggles, sports glasses or safety frames. No matter the activity, we’ll find a solution for you!

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