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    Spectacle Lenses

  • What lenses do we use?

    We use Nikon and Essilor lenses which are some of the highest quality spectacle lenses available in the world. The optical quality and coatings on the lenses have been developed over many years and Nikon and Essilor are continually researching and improving their lens quality. Cheaper lenses are available on request but both the optical quality and lens coatings are inferior and they do not have the longevity of Nikon lenses.

    We use higher refractive indexes (thinner lenses) when necessary and this will be discussed in detail with you when you visit. We can also give you a close idea of how thick particular lenses will be in your frame. We recommend grind lenses for prescriptions over +2.50 and high index for myopic prescriptions over -3.00. We also recommend the use of higher index (1.6 or 1.67) lenses for all nylon and rimless frames.

    We want to ensure that your eyewear is perfect and you are 100% happy so we will contact you if we feel your lens choice should be re-considered.

    Our multifocal lenses of choice are from the latest Varilux S Series from Essilor. Wearers are now able to benefit from Essilor’s exclusive revolutionary technologies which provide up to 90% of swim effect reduction and binocular fields of vision are up to 50% wider compared to main premium lenses.

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  • What are Transition lenses?

    Photochromic or Transition lenses automatically darken to a moderate shade when they are exposed to the ultra-violet rays of direct sunlight. When the direct sunlight is removed, the lenses lighten again. We provide two colour options – grey and brown.

    Please visit the Transitions website for information:

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  • Do you offer prism correction?

    Please contact us if your prescription has prism in and we will work out the most appropriate solution for your eyewear.

  • What lens coatings do we offer?

    Our standard lenses have a Scratch Resistant coating. You can upgrade to an Anti-Reflective Coating (which comes standard with a Scratch Resistant Coating). All of our lenses come standard with a 100% UV Protection Coating.

  • What is Scratch Resistant Coating?

    Our lenses are very durable as they are protected with a Super Hard Coating on both sides of the lens. This coating will not prevent a deep scratch if the lens is dropped on a hard surface, but is excellent at minimizing all the small scratches that generally occur in day to day handling, making your glasses clearer for longer.

  • What is Anti-Reflective Coating?

    Our premium Anti-Reflective Coating, Crizal Prevencia, is ideal for computer use and driving at night. The coating works by selectively filtering Blue-Violet Light that was recently identified as being harmful to retinal cells in your eyes. Any great looking pair of glasses will look even better: people will see your eyes through the lenses, not the light reflecting off the lenses!

    Please visit their website for more information:

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  • Why should you need the 100% UV protection feature?

    Just as we use sunscreen to keep the sun’s UV rays from harming our skin, UV treatment in eyeglass lenses blocks those same rays from damaging our eyes. All of our lenses come standard with 100% UV Protection.

  • Payment

  • Can I claim from my Private Health Fund?

    Yes, we use HiCaps direct claiming. If you present your Private Health Insurance card when you purchase your glasses, we are able to process the claim for you. If you don’t have your card with you, your receipt will have itemised codes which can be presented to your fund if you have appropriate cover.

  • Other

  • Do you offer 'No Gap' glasses with my Health Fund?

    A comprehensive range of frame and lens packages* for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses are now available at Fitzroy North Eye Centre with a no gap optionfor those with optical extras on their private health insurance.

    We use the HICAPS facility to take the hassle out of claiming, so come in for expert advice, local friendly service, and the guarantee that “We will enhance your view of the world and its view of you.”

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    We have every confidence in the quality of the products that we provide, and to back this we offer:

    A 2-year warranty on all frames and lenses against manufacturing faults and defects.
    A lifetime service warranty for our eyewear, including free adjustments, cleaning, replacement of nose pads, screws and general care to keep your glasses comfortable and looking good.
    A 3-month prescription warranty on all Fitzroy North Eye Centre Optometrist prescriptions.
    Remember most health funds work on the calendar year so claim your unused optical benefits with us before the end of December.

    * from selected Health Fund “No Gap” range

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