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No-Gap Option with all Health Funds now at Fitzroy North Eye Centre
Blog Cal14 August 2019

A comprehensive range of frame and lens packages* for prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses are now available at Fitzroy North Eye Centre with a no-gap option for those with optical extras on their private health insurance.

We use the HICAPS facility to take the hassle out of claiming, so come in for expert advice, local friendly service, and the guarantee that “We will enhance your view of the world and its view of you.”

No Gap Option With All Health Funds Now At Fitzroy North Eye Centre

We have every confidence in the quality of the products that we provide, and to back this we offer:

  • A 2-year warranty on all frames and lenses against manufacturing faults and defects.
  • A lifetime service warranty for our eyewear, including free adjustments, cleaning, replacement of nose pads, screws and general care to keep your glasses comfortable and looking good.
  • A 3-month prescription warranty on all Fitzroy North Eye Centre Optometrist prescriptions.

Remember most health funds work on the calendar year so claim your unused optical benefits with us before the end of December.

* from selected Health Fund “No Gap” range.

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