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Abbotsford Optometrist

If you’re looking for an “optometrist near me” that can provide reliable, precision eye care, you’ve come to the right place.

Fitzroy North Eye Centre provides the highest level of care to patients in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. We are proud to offer diligent eyecare and eyewear services for our many loyal patients in Fitzroy, Brunswick, Carlton, and the surrounding suburbs.

To speak with a caring, local optometrist, Abbotsford patients can visit Fitzroy North Eye Centre or give us a call today.

Contact Lenses Abbotsford

Whether you want to wear them permanently or temporarily, contact lenses offer you a versatile alternative to traditional glasses. If you’re considering contact lenses in Abbotsford, ask Fitzroy North Eye Centre about your options. Our experienced optometrists will determine the best contact lenses to suit your eyecare needs.

Eye Tests Abbotsford

For regular precision eye tests, Abbotsford families can contact Fitzroy North Eye Centre. Make an appointment with our friendly team to check your prescription and monitor your overall eye health. Highly trained in the areas of glaucoma and macular degeneration management, vision therapy, and behavioural optometry, we offer comprehensive eye tests for the whole family.

Children’s Optometrists

At Fitzroy North Eye Centre, our children’s optometrists near Abbotsford work closely with parents, guardians, teachers, doctors and other professionals. This allows us to provide the most comprehensive eye care services for children. We are interested in whether your child is using his or her visual system in the most efficient way possible for optimal performance.

Considering more than just your child’s ability to see, we take into account a number of important factors including your child’s general coordination, eye tracking, eye teaming visual perceptual skills, eye movement, and school performance.

Behavioural Optometry Abbotsford

Behavioural Optometry is a holistic approach to eyecare. Offering behavioural optometry near Abbotsford, our team will do more than just test your child’s ability to read letters on a chart.

We will also assess your child’s vision in terms of his visual motor skills and visual perceptual skills. It’s important to test your eyes’ ability to move together, to align, to fix on an object and to focus. If your child is experiencing difficulties in any of these areas, our team can help him to manage and improve his entire visual system.

To speak with a trained professional in behavioural optometry, Abbotsford patients can contact Fitzroy North Eye Centre today. Call our team on 03 9481 3381 to discuss all of your needs with our friendly team of professionals.

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