Optometrist In Clifton Hill

Searching for the best “optometrist near me” in Clifton Hill? Fitzroy North Eye Centre is your experienced optometrist near Clifton Hill. For welcoming, quality, complete care, look no further than Fitzroy North Eye Centre. Patients have been making use of our optometry services for many years.  

Behavioural Optometry Clifton Hill

What is behavioural optometry?

Behavioural Optometry assess not only the patient’s ability to view letter on a chart at distances, as with traditional behavioural optometry. It also assesses a patient’s visual performance, by tracking if and how your eyes work together, fix on an object and focus. Visual cognition is a crucial part of your vision that was previously ignored by optometry.

With Fitzroy North Eye Centre, you can test your vision according to the medically-advanced principles of behavioural optometry near Clifton Hill. 

Eye Tests Clifton Hill

To prevent the development of eye disease in adults, or to properly treat eye disease, regular eye tests are essential. This includes ensuring children’s eyesight is developing at a normal rate and meeting important developmental milestones. For their next eye test Clifton Hill should contact the friendly locals: Fitzroy North Eye Centre.

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