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Optometrist In Clifton Hill

Fitzroy North Eye Centre is your experienced optometrist near Clifton Hill. If you’re searching for an “optometrist near me”, choose Fitzroy North Eye Centre for a welcoming environment and complete eye care. Patients have been making use of our optometry services for many years, with optometry offered at our Nicholson Village practice for over eight decades.

Children’s Optometrists Clifton Hill

As part of our comprehensive eyecare services, we are proud to be your dedicated children’s optometrists near Clifton Hill. Vision can play a vital role in your child’s cognition, including learning, and concentration. Offering a range of eyecare services for children, we ensure that your child is using his visual system in the most efficient way possible for optimal performance.

Eye Tests

Regular eye tests are essential for people of all ages. For adults, eye testing is important to monitor eye health, manage diseases, and ensure you maintain your best corrected eyesight. Our eye tests can also ensure that your child’s vision is developing at a normal rate and that they are meeting important milestones.

To arrange their next eye test, Clifton Hill locals can contact the friendly team at Fitzroy North Eye Centre today. We would be more than happy to assist your whole family.

Behavioural Optometry

What is behavioural optometry?

While seeing clearly is important to your overall visual health, it only plays a small part in your visual system. Behavioural Optometry not only assesses your ability to view letters on a chart; it also looks at your complete visual performance. This includes testing that examines how your eyes work together, and their ability to focus and fix on a single object.

To ensure you’re getting the full picture when it comes to your eye health, ask our team about behavioural optometry near Clifton Hill. Ideal for children and adults, we can test your vision according to medically-advanced principles, ensuring every aspect of your eye health is considered.

Contact Lenses Clifton Hill

Whether you live an active lifestyle, you have regular media commitments, or you just want to avoid glasses at social occasions, contact lenses may be ideal for you. At Fitzroy North Eye Centre, we offer a range of contact lenses, including options for full-time and part-time wearers.

For more information on eye testing, behavioural optometry or contact lenses, Clifton Hill locals can call our team on 03 9481 3381 for an appointment.

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