About Us - Optometrists you can trust.

Our building has housed an optometry practice for more than 80 years, making it one of the longest standing Optometry providers in Australia.

We are situated in the trendy ‘Nicholson Village’ in Fitzroy North. (see Google Map)

Our experienced friendly team will ensure that all your visual requirements are met.

Our Optometrists

Our optometrists, Sally and Meagan are all highly trained in all aspects of Optometry including Glaucoma and, Macula Degeneration assessments, contact lenses, behavioural optometry and vision therapy. They all have additional training and certification in ocular therapeutics (prescribing medications to treat eye infections) and behavioural optometry. They are all members of Optometry Australia and the Australian College of Behavioural optometry. Sally and Meagan keep up to date with changes in all aspects of optometry by regularly attending conferences and meeting with colleagues.

They will assess your eyes and visual systems thoroughly and from there advise you on the options available to enable you to use your vision comfortably and easily. Meet our team

Optical Dispensers

Our Optical Dispensers, Valentine, Saskia, Leisl and Brook happily advise on suitable, fashionable eyewear. They will provide advice on the latest in lens technology as well as assist you in choosing the most appropriate frame for your needs. Meet our team

Our customer service does not stop the moment you have made your purchase. Our customer focussed approach means we are always available and ready to assist you even once your new glasses are received. We are only too pleased to assist you in looking after your eyewear in every way possible.

You can also read about Our Commitment To You.